5 Ways I’m Getting Through the Quarantine

So, how is everyone? Doing okay? Stocked up on TP? Anything else on your panic buying grocery list?

I’m kidding. Kind of. To everyone who has towers of toilet paper, that’s not fair, you should share, I’m secretly mad that I didn’t buy any (and paper towels) before all ya’ll did. I was at WalMart this morning to get some basic perishable stuff and I’m still amazed at 1. the amount of people still grocery shopping and 2. the completely empty shelves of bottled water, paper towels, diapers, toilet paper, tissues and lunch meats. Maybe I’ll take a picture next time.

But, before this post tailspins into misery and fear mongering, let’s talk about something fun:

5 Ways I’m Getting Through the Quarantine!

Yes, I made a self-centered list to try and inspire every one of you to not freak out and tailspin into misery and fear mongering…wait. Yeah. And before you even ask, YES, I will be going to work as usual. Wish me luck!

1. Watching LOTS of Youtube

Okay, so this sounds like a waste of time, BUT WAIT! YouTube is a vast library of every kind of video you could dream of.

Yoga videos? Check.

Cat videos? Check.

Fashion Vlogs? Check.

Diet Tutorials? Check!

Want something to hear in the background? Search for an online radio genre. Maybe even find one with interesting visuals too. Lo-fi and Deep House tend to be my favorites.

Missing the gym? There are tons of workout videos you can now do in front of your computer!

Looking to cook more now that you have more time? Millions of tutorials and cooking inspiration videos for your foodie needs.

YouTube is my favorite vast resource and I plan on using it (after I get tired of funny animal videos and aquarium livestreams that is…)

2. Taking More Baths

I am a self-proclaimed Queen of Bath(s) in my house. Actually…I’m the only one who fills the tub in my house.

I have a LUSH obsession and a literal box of bath bombs and bubble bars, soaps, face masks, shower gels, scrubs…and I plan on using them more often. Slather on a new lotion, do a new face mask, paraffin dip my hands and toes and literally live my best life. Times are stressful, even more so for the unfortunate families that have lost their incomes; please take a moment for some deep self-care okay? Don’t forget about your own needs!

3. Eating healthy

Wendy’s is closed.

The immense disappointment I have about this fact is very strong, and buried beneath my childish refusal to eat my veggies or cook a meal, there is an adult inside me reeling at the opurtunity to eat good food. Remember those YouTube cooking videos? Yeah, I’ll be using those.

4. NOT Online Shopping

It feels a little tone deaf of me to push shopping and reckless spending in this scary time. So I’m not going to shop at all. I am very blessed that it doesn’t greatly affect my life, but also the more I can keep people from putting their health at risk to cater to me, the better. I’m selfish, but I’m not THAT selfish.

5. Having Gratidtude

I am so blessed, and I know you are too. It’s unfortunate that it takes a time of fear and uncertainty to put gratitude in the forefront, I know. But now we have the oppurtunity to remind ourselves how lucky we are to live in the world we do (don’t fight me on this okay?), and to also remember that family, friends, health and love come first. Always.

And if you or someone you know is ill right now, I wish you all the very best and will keep everyone in my prayers that the pandemic doesn’t get too much worse before it starts to get better, however that may happen.

Take care of yourselves everyone!



P.S What are you doing to keep calm right now? I’d love to know how everyone is doing!

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