Private vs Public Personalities

Do you ever just sit at your desktop (or are staring at your phone for the 5th hour) and wonder “I have learned too many things about too many people”?

And then you wonder, “who are these people?” and you scroll your feed (or look through your contacts) and you don’t know where you met them but you somehow know the exact reason why so and so did such and such and how they feel about it?

I don’t have a public personality.

Show and tell was something I specifically avoided in elementary school.

I don’t vibe with this sharing culture we have established in society (and on the internet.) I’ve always wondered why the lady in line behind me at the grocery store had to tell every person her husband cheated on her and stole her cat. Why coworkers detail their weekends to me including when they went to the toilet and how their kids keep drinking from the tub faucet.

I don’t think…I needed to know that? You feel me?

Maybe you don’t, and that’s okay. But let me remind a lot of strangers about something: I don’t care.

Drag me now, I’ll wait.

Personal sharing isn’t my thing, which I think is why this blog is so empty. I’ve started multiple blogs in my life, and none of them last very long. For a blogger, I guess that’s a curse, but alternatively I think a more focused approach can make a much more interesting blog as a whole. I want to have engaging and useful posts to share with the world, something relatable but thought out and refined. Something I took the time to craft.

I know personal stories can be useful, and I’m not saying public personal sharing is bad. There is a time and a place, which I think should be in a diary rather than posted somewhere on the internet for all the world to find and see. Have you ever known someone who seemed to think you were their therapist? It’s like that. I don’t like that.

Maybe I’m being selfish. But I’m feeling some kinda way so let me know what you think in the comments. Are you Public? Are you Private? Do you Care? Let me know.

Talk soon,

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