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close up photograph of person praying in front lined candles


My home is a convent,
my family, superiors.
My room is a cell,
a place of worship, enclosure.
My work is a sacrifice,
challenge, edification.
My heart is a garden,
a deep forest in night-time.


I have, but do not own
money, respect, comfort.
Given by God.
Undeserving to exist within myself,
demanding passions never fully satisfied.
He blesses me with gifts
used imperfectly.
He shows me how they are to be used.
His will be done;
charity, chastity, patience.
I wish God alone to live in me.


My life is not my own
but God’s.
I want nothing for I am nothing.
God makes a willing vessel of me.
Push me aside, bring good from me, O Lord.
I exist only in name.

— may 2022

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