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Daily Outfits – Week 3

It hasn’t even been a month and I’ve already had a revelation; no outfits this week because I am literally wearing the exact same combination of the four shirts and pants I’ve been posting. How exciting. So, what I’ve learned this week…

1. I don’t have enough variety to make an interesting Instagram page.

Good thing I’m not a fashion blogger! However, this did highlight the extremity in my lack of options, and I am on the lookout for more tops/blouses. When autumn and winter come around, I will 100% do another documentation of my wardrobe.

2. I am very particular about my silhouettes

In an attempt to find more outfits, I’ve been doing a lot of experimentation. I’ve added a new pair of “slim cut” black jeans (in classic emergency fashion) and even though they’re okay, I regret them. However, let’s just say I had no other choice. I will try to work them into my week and see how I like the new shape.

I have been trying on lots of other types of clothes with limited success. At the very least, I now know what I don’t like wearing. I had the thought of buying multiples of my new Eileen Fisher top, but I’m resisting for the time being (aka it’s not on sale anymore) and I don’t like the other color it comes in.

So, “what are my silhouettes” you ask? Boxy tops that have shape independent of my body. Skinny jeans. Interesting necklines. Flared sleeves.

3. Where do we go from here?

I don’t have an exact plan going forward, but I do have a shopping trip planned for next weekend. Experimentation seems to be key, so that’s the vague plan for now.

If you’re on a similar journey, tell me all about it in the comments!



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