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Daily Outfits – Week 1

Welcome to my Outfit Series! The idea is a weekly post with all my outfits complied into one, with my thoughts. One of the biggest tasks related to creating your own clothing style and capsule wardrobe is to find what you like. And if you’re anything like me, your wardrobe is a huge conglomeration of “fashion” from childhood to now.

Or something close.

This Outfit Series is more about documentation than anything, but I want to share my weekly discoveries with all of you, so don’t forget to follow me on Instagram to check my outfits and so I can follow you too. I’m looking forward to 365 days of outfits; I can’t wait to see what my style does.

Here are last week’s outfits.

The Outfits

Here’s what I’ve learned, or rather, what has become glaringly obvious:

  1. My Summer Wardrobe is disappointing.
  2. I’m highly dissatisfied with it.

Because my summer wardrobe is so bad, I’ve made a list of things I’m looking for to deal with the heat.

1. Natural Fibers

Looking for Cotton, Linen, Silk and blends. No synthetic fibers, and preferably from a sustainable brand as well. I’ve been doing a lot of brand research, however I’m in no place to give my opinion or review on such things.

2. Simple, Easy Shapes

Going with the basics/essentials that everyone always talks about. When you don’t know your style it’s easier to start with basics and look for more “statement” pieces afterwards. Good quality clothes feel better and will make it easier to rationalize buying expensive basics before finding “dream” clothes.

So looking for cotton, linen and maybe silk tees. Different necklines and sleeve shapes because I don’t want multiples yet. Want my wardrobe to easily go together so I can make bigger decisions on what style of shoes I want to experiment with. Nice to have a foundation to start from because everything will all go together.

3. Nothing Fussy

I have no time to adjust clothes all day. Also like being comfortable and synthetic fibers feel awful when it’s warm. Clingy fabrics feel bad. Don’t want to be thinking about what my body is doing to my clothes. Want my clothes to have their own shape that my body doesn’t disturb and thus I won’t have to think about.

4. Makes Me Feel Awesome

Feeling good in your clothes should be mandatory. 2020 has really brought on the Athlesiure trend full force, and you can see sweatshirts, designer sneakers and track jackets. Even though I think that trend goes too far, I really appreciate the idea.

I’m so tired of the clothes I have for summer right now.



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