About Me

About Me

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Who Am I?

Hi! I’m A, content creator, artist, and all-around owner of “etoile voilee.” I post about my luxury journey, something that makes my heart sing. I support all ways of making ones life better, and my way is high-end fashion and a matching lifestyle!

Specifically, I blog about my life, which includes vacations, luxury shopping, personal posts, art and more.

I love everything luxury and I aim to become that BossBitch who has it all and gets it all. Why not document that journey?

I turned 30 this year, so I have a lot of reevaluating and replanning to do. Lots of self-reflection that may or may not end up somewhere around here…

If you like hauls, designer discounts and living your best most expensive life (or want it to be that way), stick around! Comment. Subscribe? Share! I always love a good chat.

If you want to get super personal, visit my Instagram!

If you’re a Pinterest fan, I have a mood board specifically for this blog!

I also make minimalist art which you can buy on RedBubble and Society6!

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